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Since 1995 I have been honored to collaborate with some of the most prominent people in a variety of fields to create and maintain their official web presences, including social media.

Official websites are often the core of activities which include social media, online  publicity and advertising.  I take an objective-oriented approach where web activities are a means to an end, achieving the ambitions, visions and goals of my clients.  Usually that means the websites themselves recede into the background, to avoid distracting from the central message.   I intend for the viewer to be impressed by the subject’s accomplishments, not dazzled by the technical gimmickry or elaborate graphics of a “cool” website.

I have played a role in the promotion of over 25 major motion pictures, with worldwide gross box office receipts over $11 billion. All these pictures have been successful, with an average gross of $556 million.  They’ve earned more than 50 Academy Award nominations, with more than 20 wins. I also enjoy working on independent films, sometimes with a budget of zero.

I’ve had the pleasure to work on 8 pictures for director Peter Jackson, 5 for Bryan Singer, 3 for Bill Condon, 1 for Steven Spielberg, 1 for Brett Ratner, 1 for Ron Howard, 1 for John Woo, 1 for Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and 1 for Christopher Nolan.

I’ve also worked on several touring stage plays, including the spectacular Broadway run of “Two Plays in Repertoire” in 2014:

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