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Stern writes historical novels and biographies. His encyclopedic QUEERS IN HISTORY was a #1 best seller worldwide

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I was a late bloomer but I was baking my own bread BEFORE the pandemic.

Keith Stern in Print

A selection from what others have written:

“In 1997, when Sir Ian McKellen was in Los Angeles to film Gods and Monsters, he asked his friend Keith Stern, a computer consultant, to create, a shaggy collection of Sir Ian’s writings and photographs that is a treasure trove of contemporary Shakespearean and sci-fi lore, and the actor’s political activism.
“In his small memorabilia-crammed office above a Thai restaurant on Sunset Blvd, Keith explained, ‘As people do in this town, whether you’re a masseur or a nanny or a yoga teacher, you get passed around. So when Brendan Fraser and Lynn Redgrave saw what I’d done for Ian, they were both very interested to have me do the same for them.’
“When Keith went to New Zealand to visit Sir Ian on the set of the Lord of the Rings films, the same thing happened again. ‘I was spending my days going from hotel room to hotel room trying to help people out in various ways, making sure Orlando Bloom and Billy Boyd got their domain names, and Sean Astin and Andy Serkis both developed Web sites with me.’ [Michael Joseph Gross, Starstruck, Bloomsbury, 2005]

Michael Joseph Gross in "Starstruck"

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